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handcrafted treats made by Kitchen Vixen.

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Patisserie & Giftshop in downtown Fairbanks!

Stop in for Tea and Treats

every Saturday!

 Store Hours  10am - 4pm

  • Saturday, August 13    Back to School Cookies
  • Saturday, August  20   Back to School Cookies
  • Saturday, August 27   CLOSED
  • Saturday, Sept. 3           Oktoberfest Treats
  • Saturday, Sept. 10        Oktoberfest Treats
  • Saturday, Sept, 17        Oktoberfest Treats

 Cookie Gallery

Where Cookies are the Canvas

and the Artwork is Edible ©

Location: CO-OP Plaza 535 Second Ave.  Open Saturdays  10:00am - 4:00pm

August Macaron (Available Saturdays)

          Blackberry          Toasted Coconut

          Fudge Brownie         Bharat

          Poppy Flower      FruityPebbles

          Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

          Vanilla Bean      Irish Stout & Pretzels